Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A mislaid shoe leads to a funny gate

Film of the Same Name follows Philip Sanderson and Steven Ball as they revisit the haunted landscapes of their 1980s film trilogy Apostrophe S. The film melds the filmmakers' revisiting of the locations of the original films, a workshop re-enactment, and topographic animation, all set to a soundtrack of newly composed songs and music with fragmentary echoes of the earlier films. 

With Leigh Milsom and William Fowler reviving the original actors' performances of the ghost of a woman who dies in a car accident, and the ghost hunter who pursues her, the film becomes a cinematic revenant as elusive and intriguing as those it returns to. 

The original Apostrophe S trilogy comprising: A Postcard from Boxley Hill, Green on the Horizon and Hangway Turning which were all shot on Super 8 then edited on video, predates and to some extent predicts the recent vogue for artist films which combine documentary and experimental filmmaking techniques, and the phenomenon that has become known as 'hauntology'.

Title: Film of the Same Name
Length: 34 Mins 24 Secs
Date: 2014
Direction: Sanderson & Ball
Cast: Leigh Milsom as Angela Staples as Judith Langham
William Fowler as Nigel Jacklin as Thomas Cubitt
Sanderson and Ball as themselves
Voice- Overs: Tony Raven, Patricia Hosking, Martin Pickles
Music: Sanderson and Ball
Camerawork: Steven Ball, Martin Pickles
Animation: Philip Sanderson
Shot on location on Blue Bell Hill and Cliffe Marshes, Kent and Central Saint Martins, London.

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