Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kit's Coty/Bluebell Hill ghost hunts reported

Orb (light anomaly) captured at Kit's Coty ghost hunt
"We walked down the road to the Countless Stones (A.K.A) Little Kit’s Coty, after a lot of photo taking, some with a lot of strangeness captured in them we then proceeded to hold a ghost hunt, we started with a séance and a female energy who was called Maud something, the weird thing is she did confirm her name at the name it was like Derridge, but none of us could remember her name after the séance was over." See Ghost Hunt Events for more.

Assignment one

Assignment one, 3,500 words plus bibliography. Due August 1st 2011.

Examine the extent to which Green on the Horizon may be considered an early example of a hauntological media manifestation? Discuss in the context of recent hauntology theory and with specific reference to the use of sound and image in the piece.