Monday, May 9, 2011

Vacant Situations

Sanderson and Ball has two vacancies for the positions of Public Face of the Film of the Same Name project. The successful candidates will be required to stand in for the artists, representing them in all dealings with funding body representatives, the press, clients, corporate sponsors and other externally facing contact scenarios. The successful candidates will have a proven background in rĂ´le-playing including cinematic or dramatic acting or similar experience.

A physical resemblance to the principals is desirable but not essential, however the ability to respond intelligently and creatively in discussion, conversation, during interview and other interrogative conditions is essential, as is the ability to be creative and flexible with factual information.

The positions are currently on a voluntary basis, however Sanderson and Ball can offer generous profit-share arrangements on a commission basis to the successful candidates if sufficient finances are secured for the project.

To apply email your CV to the Film of the Same Name Recruitment Office. Due to lack of administrative resources applications will not be acknowledged and contacted only if required for interview. No other correspondence will be entered into.


  1. You say that 'The successful candidates will be required to stand in for the artists' I have problems standing and am wondering if it is possible to 'sit down for the artists'?

  2. Of course, Sanderson and Ball are equal opportunity employers.